Gameco.. The Gas Equipment Specialists

When Ordering a Gas Regulator what information do I require?

Type of Gas – (Natural Gas or LPG)
Inlet Pressure – (KPA)
Outlet Pressure – (KPA)
Gas Consumption – (MJ/HR)

When Ordering a Gas Solenoid valve what information do I require?

Type of Gas – (Natural Gas or LPG)
Operating Pressure – (KPA)
Power Supply – (12V, 24VAC, 24VDC, 110V or 240V)
Gas Consumption – (MJ/HR)
Pipe Size – (MM)

When Ordering a Gas Meter what information do I require?

Type of Gas – (Natural Gas or LPG)
Operating Pressure – (KPA)
Gas Consumption – (MJ/HR)

When Ordering a spare part for a gas appliance what information do I require?

Appliance Type – (Oven, Fryer, Griddle)
Brand – (Manufacturer)
Model Number – (Found on data plate)
Serial Number – (Found on data plate)
Which Part – (Thermostat, Gas Valve, Thermocouple)

What are Gameco’s opening hours of Business?

All branches:

Monday to Friday OPEN

Saturday & Sunday CLOSED

Brisbane (1/460 Bilsen Road Geebung) – 8am – 4.30pm
Sydney (161 Parramatta Road, Auburn) – 7am – 4.30pm
Melbourne (65a Chifley Drive, Preston) – 8am – 5:30pm
Masterton, NZ (9 Villa Street, Masterton) – 8am – 4.30pm

If I can smell Gas what should I do?

If you can smell gas you should immediately turn the gas off at the gas bottles for LPG or your isolation valve at the Gas Meter for Natural Gas. If the Gas leak is inside you should open up all windows and doors to allow fresh ventilation for the gas to escape. After those steps have been taken a call should be made to a qualified licensed gasfitter to come and fix the gas leak.

How can I check for Gas Leaks?

There are a few ways to check for gas leaks however soapy water is the most common form of detecting a leak. If you have a leak the soapy water will bubble up. It is important to wipe the detergent off the fitting you sprayed and rinse all fittings with fresh water. Ammonia can be present in some detergents and can react with brass fittings and cause such fittings to crack after a short period of time.

Why can’t I have a hose longer than 3 meters for my BBQ, Gas heater and other Appliances?

The first reason is that most manufacturers don’t allow anything longer than what is stated in the manufacturer’s instructions, which must be followed for warranty purposes. The second reason is that stated in the AS5601.1 (2013) under 5.9.1 – Hose assembly requirements.

Hose assemblies shall not be joined together and shall be—

(a) of a continuous length, as short as practicable, and subject to the specific appliance requirements, not exceed 3 m;

(b) of adequate diameter for the maximum gas consumption of the appliance; and

(c) in Australia, certified to AS/NZS 1869.

* Please note this section does not apply to all gas appliances *

When do I need to get a gasfitter?

A gasfitter by law is required when any installation, alteration or repair work is to be done. The key reason for having a licensed gasfitter undertake the work is to make sure that the work is compliant and meets all safety regulations. Having a licensed gasfitter complete the work required will also put your mind at ease. The gasfitter should issue you with a compliance certificate after the work has been completed; this means that the job meets all safety requirements. It is important to receive this document as this covers you for all insurance purposes.


Do you offer overnight express deliveries?

At the checkout option you can choose between different delivery options. Usually one of them is overnight express. Please note we cannot guarantee that you are in the area where overnight express is possible. The term “Overnight Express” doesn’t always mean that all freight companies will actually deliver overnight, sometimes it will take longer. Your purchase must be completed on a business day before 1 pm AEST. Every order after 1 pm will be processed on the next business day. If you want to make sure that overnight express is possible in your area call us during our business hours.

Why is my delivery delayed when I pay with “Direct Bank Transfer”?

It can take up to two business days to transfer money from one to another.  We cannot send the order until we see the deposit in our bank account. PayPal or credit card payment is much faster and we can usually send the goods straight away.

What is the quickest payment option to receive my goods?

The quickest payment option to use is PayPal or your Master or Visa card.

How long does it take to have my Trade account approved?

It can take up to two business days. We will email you when it is approved.

Can I still order on the phone?

Yes you can also order via email.

Why are not all gas equipment parts on the website?

We published our new webstore in June 2017. Since then we are working on improving our webstore and adding products daily.Please be aware that dangerous goods and products that are only used in test stations etc are not available online. If you cannot find a product give our friendly sales team in your area a call.

I have a very technical question related to a gas related job, can you help me?

In most cases we can, so give it a try and email or call us.

Can I return my goods?

Yes you can return your goods when you haven’t used them and they are in original condition and packaging. After receiving the goods we will check the paperwork, assess the products and refund you the money minus a 10% restocking fee.

How can I return my goods if I purchased them online?

Send the goods with a copy of your invoice back to the branch which supplied the goods. For goods that haven’t been used you will receive your money back minus a 10% restocking fee.

What is a restocking fee and how much do you charge?

A restocking fee is a percentage of the item’s price, depending on the type of item and the condition in which it is returned. If a buyer changes their mind (accidental order, better price available, no longer needed or wanted) and returns an item in the original condition and packaging (within the return window), we will charge up to 10% restocking fee (depending on circumstances). Please advise us of any discrepancies within 14 days of our despatch date. If goods are to be returned, please contact us for a RMA number.