PECOFacet and GAMECO – A Trusted Partnership

Our customers know they can trust and rely on PECOFacet filter cartridges for their filtration needs. PECOFacet cartridge lines range from the traditional filtration products to the latest in advanced filtration media and contaminant removal processes. PECOFacet has been in the oil, gas and aviation fuel business for a very long time and understand the contamination removal business like few others do. PECOFacet and GAMECO approach filter cartridge selection by letting the contaminant dictate the method!

With over 18 years of experience representing PECOFacet products on the East Coast of Australia, and a wide range of stock on the shelf ready for immediate dispatch, GAMECO can help you find the filtration, coalescing or separation solution that is both efficient and cost effective for your process.

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