Looking for an alternative to pesticides? Burn the Weed with Flame Engineering’s “Weed Dragon” torch kit!

We are stocking the high-quality US brand Flame Engineering: RED DRAGON WEED BURNER TORCH KIT

The WEED DRAGON® is the perfect propane torch kit for home and garden users who don’t want to rely on pesticides. We’ve regulated the flame and BTU down for homeowners who don’t need the power of a farm torch and we’ve even assembled it. This torch kit is still plenty powerful for lots of tough jobs all year long and generates heat up to 2,000° F. The 100,000 BTU Weed Dragon quickly hooks up to any refillable propane tank (barbecue cylinders work great) and even comes with a hand-tighten tank fitting (you don’t even need a wrench). Overall length from torch bell to back of handle is 27 1/2″.

For outdoor use only.

Please find additional technical information here on the flame engineering website.

The kit above contains:

  •  Vapor Torch
  • Flame Adjusting Needle Valve
  • Spark Lighter
  • Regulator with hose
  • POL connection for standard Australian Gas Cylinder

This kit can be connected to a standard Australian Gas Cylinder!

For more convenience during burning weed, choose the VT2-23SVC with a Squeeze handle.

The RRP includes GST.

Weight 1.72 kg
Dimensions 9 × 15 × 90 cm