Terms and Conditions

This Agreement was last modified on 18 May 2017.

 Government regulations require all gas installations to be certified by Licenced Gas Installers, and cylinder valves and components to be fitted by SAA approved Gas Cylinder Test Stations. We, therefore, advise that all components and parts sold by Gameco Pty Ltd are conditional on the appropriate regulations being met. All sales are subject to Gameco’s General Terms and Conditions of Sale.


The products Gameco offers for sale are for use on combustible and other dangerous gases. Natural gas and LP gas are extremely flammable and explosive.

To avoid serious injury and property damage – please note:

If you see, smell or hear escaping gas:-

Evacuate the area immediately and call your local fire authority

 Make sure you are thoroughly trained before you attempt any Gas Installation, maintenance or repair. Improper conditions or procedures can cause accidents, which may result in property damage and personal injury. In your state or territory you may need to be licenced to carry out work on Gas Installations – check with your local authority.

Gameco recommends that you become thoroughly familiar with all the relevant Australian Standards and Codes. Read all the Safety Warnings. Always refer to the specific instructions and warnings for all equipment. Check with the gas supplier and local statutory authority for any further material. Always follow their recommendations. Some Australian Standards may be the law in your state or territory,

All persons employed in handling Gases must be trained in proper handling and operating procedures. Ensure the valves and the equipment you install are the proper ones for the installation. Never misuse equipment.

Remember to instruct the owner/user/customer in safety and maintenance matters concerning the gas and equipment. See and abide by all Safety Warnings available from the statutory authority, equipment manufacturer and gas supplier. All equipment must be replaced within the manufacturer’s recommended service life.

Note: Goods offered for sale by Gameco are not for use on hot air balloons or aircraft.