Brisbane Flood 2011

This image from the television coverage showed Gameco’s location and the surrounding Milton area.

In January 2011 the Brisbane River flooded large areas of Brisbane causing extensive evacuations and widespread damage. Our premises at Milton are not far from the river and floodwaters surrounded our premises inundating the lower floor.

Much material was lost as a result of the flood and we were found not to have insurance cover. However in light of the lives lost, and the

After two days the parking area and lower floor were still completely submerged and two large cylinders, secured to a fence by chains, floated in the floodwater.

losses of our neighbours, we considered ourselves fortunate.

We thank all those persons who assisted, or offered to assist, in our clean up. It was a great community effort and most heartening. Resulting from this experience we have moved to our new Geebung location. See Contact Us