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REGO 2nd Stage Regulator 2000MJ/h 5kPa set pressure 3/4″ in & 1″ out

2nd STG 5kpa out 2000mj 3/4in 1 o

REGO™ Second Stage Regulator, 2000MJ/h at 5kPa (15-35″ WC), 70kPa in, 3/4″ NPT inlet & 1″ NPT outlet.

Designed for Boilers and other similar Type B appliances.


The REGO™ LV5503H series 2nd stage regulators are designed to reduce 70kPa (10PSI) first stage regulator outlet pressure, to 5kPa(15-35″ WC).

This regulator is guaranteed to pass 2000MJ/h at 5kPa from a supply of 70kPa.

     Comes with:

  • REGO 2nd stage regulator, guaranteed 2000MJ/h @ 5kPa  [LV5503H820]
  • Bracket mounting bolts x2

     Sold Seperately:


Ideal for commercial and industrial applications, this regulator is designed for appliances requiring greater than the standard 2.75kPa working pressure.

Set at 5kPa this regulator is designed for use with some boilers and other type B appliances, requiring less than 2000MJ/h.

Special Features:

This regulator has been tested for Australian conditions and has been rated to deliver a guaranteed 2000MJ/h at 5kpa (20″ WC).

  • This regulator has 3/4″female NPT inlet & 1″ NPT outlet thread size.
  • Large diaphragm is extra sensitive to pressure changes
  • Straight line valve closure saves wear on seat disc and orifice.
  • Extra long lever arm for uniform delivery pressure.
  • With up to 15 PSIG inlet pressure, the regulator is designed to not pass more than 2 PSIG downstream with the seat disc removed (for compliance with over pressure protection requirements).
  • The large bonnet vent profile minimises freezing over of vents when properly installed.


  • It incorporates an integral relief valve
  • The large vent helps prevent blockage.
  • Vent outlet is tapped to ⅜”female NPT for vent piping.


  • Pre-tapped & plugged test point outlet 1/8” female NPT (for a gauge or manometer test point).
  • Plug can be removed with a 3/16” hex (Allen) wrench.


  • Select brown finish.

Images are representative of the type of regulator described and is not necessarily the actual part.

Weight 1.35 kg
Dimensions 24 × 15 × 16 cm